Cliffrose T-Shirts Available Now! 

Cliffrose T-Shirts are now available to purchase through the store page on this site (& you may recognize those T-shirt models 😉)! 
Online sales of books & CDs have been so incredible, and to show my gratitude, I wanted to offer another cool merch item for you all.

"Shook the dust from my bones & danced with the Cliffrose" is the first line from the title track of the album and it's a lyric that has continued to resonate with the meaning behind the album. These shirts first became available in person at the CD release party and we sold a lot of the inventory. Whats left is now up on the site, so get yours while they're still available!


The Buffalo News Interview With Jeff Miers 

”You can celebrate every day, just because you woke up to take another breath. You don't need a greater reason than that.” 

A huge thank you to Jeff Miers for writing this piece on Cliffrose and asking insightful questions that allowed me to tell some backstory on the album. Thank you also to Dave Ostrowski for saying kind things and always being a positive friend, mentor, and colleague in the troubadour world! 
Read my article in The Buffalo News below and in print on June 2nd. 



Cliffrose Reviewed by The Metal Dad 


“It reads like the great American novel – young, talented musician hops in a camper van, leaves behind virtually everyone and everything in order to travel the back roads of America, while penning one of the best albums you’ll hear this year.”

Cliffrose was granted a glowing review by The Metal Dad! A huge thank you to Chip for listening to and writing this stunning piece. Read the full article HERE.

Savannah Becomes a Wildflower Finalist 


I am so excited to announce that I have been chosen as 1 of 10 finalists for the Wildflower Al Johnson Performing Songwriter Contest. 
‘God Was Good To You’ & ‘Fresh Start’ from my new album were chosen out of 300 entries! I will be headed to Texas in May to compete live at the Wildflower Festival. This is a huge honor to be one of the finalists in such a prestigious competition! See you next month Texas!