Best Of WNY 'Bold & Unsteady" Review

We want to extend a huge thank you to Bob Silvestri for this fantastic review of 'Bold & Unsteady':

"When Savannah King started playing music she set out as an independent solo alternative folk artist with a guitar, great voice and plenty of well written songs. Along the way she picked up three amazing band mates (Mark Bamann -lead guitar, Loren Metzger -drums and Scott Gergelis -bass) andmorphed into a front person for her band Savannah and The Kings. 
Their new release Bold & Unsteadyis filled with memorable melodies and King's lilting voice all framed by the band's no frills approach. Touches of jazz (courtesy of Gergelis' outstanding upright bass playing), pop, folk and indie rock meld together for a cohesive sound. No self-indulgent doodling, no gimmicks, no unnecessary window dressings among the arrangements. Highlights among the twelve tracks include the album opener "Sour Milk", "Rabbit Run", "Are You Salt?", "Let Me Go" and "Houdini". The tracks "It's Just Water" and "Fruit Tree" are standouts as well. King and her band keep a busy live calendar playing everywhere from intimate clubs to large summer venues. To see where Savannah and The Kings are performing or to purchase their new album Bold & Unsteady visit"

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